Infertility treatment

Most of us hate uncertainty and we want information before we do anything. Therefore, we have prepared a brief guide to the infertility treatment process at our Clinic. We then share all the details in person. Infertility treatment can basically be divided into treatment with your own and donated eggs, where the procedure is slightly different.

Treatment with donated eggs

01 Results of the examination

Based on the test results, treatment with a donor egg may be recommended by your doctor. This is intended for couples where a woman carries a hereditary disease, does not produce her own eggs or produces them in poor quality.

02 Choosing a donor

Our donors must pass several strict selection criteria. They undergo several examinations - gynecological, endocrinological and genetic, they are also repeatedly tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Our donors are under the age of 34 and meet the donation requirements set by law.

03 Treatment

For successful treatment, it is necessary to synchronize the cycles of the donor and recipient. After the donor’s eggs are collected, they are fertilized by the partner’s sperm. On the day the eggs are obtained from the donor, the recipient begins using pregnancy hormones, which prepare the mucous membrane in the uterus for nesting the embryos.

04Embryo transfer

The day after obtaining the eggs, we agree with the recipient about the number and quality of embryos. Normally, after five days of embryo cultivation, an embryo transfer is performed with one or two embryos. The remaining embryos can be frozen for later use.