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We are unable to conceive

Despite our long-term efforts, unfortunately are we unable to conceive. What are our options?

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Other care provided

As one of the first IVF centers in Czech Republic our Clinic introduced in to the clinical practice the oocyte verification method (fast freezing of eggs).

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The meetings in France

The meetings in France

Our clinic was present at the meetings in France.   

Thanks to the kind invitation of our partner, the association «Les...



After many years of trying to get pregnant, we finally ended up at IVF Zlín. We had several examinations and interventions...

Michelle and Eric

Michelle and Eric

 I am 44 years old and my husband is 48. I just gave birth to my first baby because of IVF zlín.

We contacted zlín...



More than 7,000 children have been born to our clients thanks to assisted reproduction.

Since 2000, a large number of couples have reached out to our Clinic. Each of them has their own deep human story, each starting at a different point and showing an effort to resolve a different situation. Some of these couples have shared their stories with us, and we are happy to present them to you now. We believe that they will be inspiring and filled with optimism.

Story of oocyte donation treatment

After a long journey of IVF treatment in France with only failures and too long waiting times for egg...

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Birth of twins thanks to the IVF clinic in Zlin

It is with immense joy that I announce the birth of our twins Nina and Milo on March 23, 2024.

We don't...

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Nora's story

„I wholeheartedly recommend the clinic in Zlin. The entire treatment process was well organized, transparent...

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Success of the treatment

  • IVF with donated egg
  • KET
  • IVF below 38 years of age
  • IVF above 38 years of age

Graph of the IVF success rate

The highest success rate of treatment is achieved in IVF cycles with donated oocytes. Over 65% of patients (demonstrated by cardiac action) become pregnant usually after transferring five-day-old embryos. In IVF treatment cycles of patients below 38 years of age with their own oocytes and in cryo-embryo transfer in all patients with no age differentiation, the success rate of treatment is slightly below 50% (again demonstrated by cardiac action). In IVF cycles of patients over 38 years with their own oocytes, the treatment success rate is almost 30%. The results show that one of the decisive factors for successful treatment is the patient’s age.

RNDr. Kateřina Tvrdoňová, Ph.D. - Head of Embryology