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Gynecology outpatients

The aim of all doctors in the Gynecology Outpatients is to provide a therapeutic and preventive gynecology care to patients in all age groups as well as to care for pregnant patients.

We are a contractor with all Czech health insurance companies.

During our work we put the emphasis on individual approach to each client, thorough analysis of their problems, detail investigation and treatment whilst using the latest findings and methods in the clinical medicine.

A fundamental importance we place on complex preventive care including the diagnostic of female reproductive organs cancer.

The high standard of care is ensured by erudition of each medical team member, by their clinical praxis and also by high-tech equipment of our facility.

Pleasant environment and confidentiality is in our companies a matter of course.

Gynecology care:

  1. Preventive care.
    Once a year should every woman go through a preventive gynecology check including smear test. The aim is an early discovery of pre-cancer changes in the cervix and early start of a treatment. The check up includes a gynecology examination using a vaginal speculum, colposcopy (microscopy of a cervix), cytology smear, palpation of an abdomen and an ultrasound.
  2. Diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases, ultrasound diagnosis.
  3. Vaccination for cervix cancer.
  4. Consultation regarding suitable contraception.
  5. Advice for physiological and high risk pregnancies.
  6. Advice regarding climacteric syndrome, subsistent hormonal therapy.
  7. Gynecological endocrinology.