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6. 1. 2024

Michelle and Eric

Michelle and Eric

 I am 44 years old and my husband is 48. I just gave birth to my first baby because of IVF zlín.

We contacted zlín after 2 failed IVF transfers, and 1 failed IUI attempt. My husband also had a varicocele surgery and I had polyps removed, all in the states. We had basically given up on having a child until we met a neighbor who had 3 children from zlín that she had achieved through a donor. She is a prominent nurse practitioner in our town and had also been to the same IVF clinic that I used previously. She had only good things to say and gave me Anna’s contact. Anna was incredible from the start. Very patient and efficient and made the logistics seem less daunting after detailed explanations and constant careful responses to all questions we asked. She walked us through the process so effortlessly and kindly that we were able to make it happen and although our first transfer did not stick, she encouraged us to try again with our last embryo. It worked. We were able to use my eggs and my husband's sperm based on our testing and recommendations from the doctor at zlín.

Our miracle baby boy, Cole Walker was born on December 23, 2023. The doctors are knowledgeable and direct at IVF zlín and the hotel is amazing and makes everything so nice and comfortable and easy. It’s also very affordable compared to the states. We highly recommend IVF zlín - our experience was wonderful and professional and personable and much better than we experienced in the states for a much lower cost. Thank you!