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9. 8. 2023

Juno & Danica

Juno & Danica

"After a heartbreaking journey of miscarriages and failed IVF, I researched heavily and found this clinic. I was apprehensive at first, but found the clinic's communication was excellent, the process streamlined and their support was invaluable. After our first successful attempt with IVF Zlin, we tried again a couple of years later during the height of the pandemic. I had to travel from the US back to Australia (via Europe) and even in the context of closed borders, difficult travel arrangements, PCR tests, fear and anxiety, the support I received from the staff, and my coordinator in particular (Anna), was excellent and we were blessed with a sibling for our first born.

 We have been given an incredible gift, a family I didn't think we could have. I am so grateful to the staff and their expertise, and to the kind donors who help dreams come true."