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29. 3. 2023

Temporary change of transport

Temporary change of transport

Dear patients,

please, read the information about the traffic restriction.

As part of the reconstruction of the MOSTNÍ-BŘEZNICKÁ intersection, Březnická Street will be unidirectional from Mon Apr 3rd, 2023, and will last tentatively until the end of October.

What that means:

1) Traffic will be possible only in the direction from the city center to the K Maják/Filmová roundabout.
2) The traffic will take a detour route around the Forest Cemetery to Kudlov and further to the center of the Zlín, in the opposite direction.

More information:

Report: https://youtu.be/NgKl9OaWqPo 
More about the overhead line reconstruction: https://bit.ly/3Zy7goB 
More about traffic restrictions: https://bit.ly/3KlwHVV