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14. 8. 2022

Infertility - what is it?


At present, about 20% of couples in the Czech Republic are infertile, and this number is growing every year. A couple is labeled infertile if they fail to conceive after one year of regular unprotected sex. In practice, however, it is appropriate to take into account the age of the woman and to start fertility treatment after 6 months without succsess. This pertains to women over 35 years of age and beyond. The reasons for infertility are split equally between men and women with a slight predominance due to the male / 60% men, 40% women /.  As far as female infertility is concerned, there can be a number of causes, and often the individual factors of infertility combine together. 

Possible reasons for female infertility are: 

  • ovarian / premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovary syndrome / 
  • tubal / fallopian tube obstruction / 
  • genetic / genetically linked diseases, chromosome translocation / 
  • immunological / production of antibodies against sperm or ovarian tissue /  
  • uterine / uterine fibroids, low mucosa in the uterine cavity / 
  • endometriosis / deposits of endometriosis on the ovaries and small pelvis /  

How to support fertility 

In general, one can follow a healthy lifestyle / adequate exercise, a balanced diet, the avoidance of smoking and alcohol /. In practice, one cannot usually follow this to the letter. It is advisable for men,  to add dietary supplements with vitamins, particularly zinc, selenium. It is suitable for women to add  inositol to their dietary intake. 

When is the right time to come for a consultation and what can you expect. 

If you have tried to conceive unsuccessfully for more than a year, then arranging a consultation at  the IVF centre would be apt. However, you have nothing to lose if you decide to seek consultation earlier / after about 6 months of trying /. 

A consultation consists of a comprehensive interview with a  IVF specialist which entails a detailed discussion of ones medical history / medications currently prescribed, previous operations , family-related illnesses… / followed by a gynecological and ultrasound examination and a laboratory examination / blood collection / in accordance to the doctor. All other examinations are very individual and depend on the evaluation of the couple for which the treatment is tailored to suit them.