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26. 4. 2021

Thank you for everything

Thank you for everything

We had a very painful, 13 journey to our two children. Our son was our 3rd IVF attempt in the US after 5 years. Our daughter, our Zlin IVF miracle, was born via donor egg. We had tried multiple attempts with my own eggs and two frozen donor egg IVF attempts in the US that sadly all ended in failure and  miscarriage. I thought I might not be able to carry another child to term, but, after much soul searching, decided to try one last attempt at a second child at Zlin. We planned our journey, stayed in Hotel Tomasov, and spent three nights in Prague before transfer for sightseeing so that at least we’d have an experience if this didn’t work. Our entire trip and treatment was about half the cost of one try in the states. We wound up with two perfect embryos and got our beautiful daughter on our first try! It may have taken longer than I planned, but our family being complete is my dream come true. I look back on the whole process as one of the bravest things we’ve ever done, traveling halfway around the world for our one shot. Now we have these amazing memories and a special place to take our family to one day. I can also say that the second our daughter was born, I knew she was meant to be mine. She is the sweetest, most precious little thing and I’m so grateful to Zlin, the doctors, and our coordinator, Anna. I can’t recommend them enough! 


Thank you for everything!