7. 8. 2020

Beautiful daughter

Beautiful daughter

I'm eternally grateful to you all for giving me the opportunity to be a Mum. Doctors had told me I had "better than average" fertility, but at my age the chance of a successful birth with my own egg was less then 5%, so better than average was still dismal. After experiencing miscarriages and failed IVF with my own eggs, I began researching  egg donorship and with a long  waitlist in my country, my research took me further afield.  From my first contact with you at Zlin IVF, I felt I was in safe and professional hands. Although the decision to proceed  with egg donorship raised some concerns for me,  my interactions with your clinic left  me feeling reassured that all  involved were respected and cared for.

My husband and I now have a beautiful daughter, who has her daddy's smile and my curious nature. Thank you so much.

Kind regards.

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