9. 7. 2020

Chronological order...

Chronological order...

1938 Commencement of Tomasov 1940 Start of the war period - Tomasov outlawed by Dominik Cipera.

1945 Nationalization - Tomasov remains part of the national Bata enterprise.

1954 The company hospital is opened – national company Svit with a capacity of 100 beds with an general ward and a gynecological department.

1959 Dr. Bakala opened one of the most modern neurological departments of the time in a newly built building designed by architect Miroslav Drofa. In the next phase, there was a general ward and a gynecologicaldepartment. Later it became a hospital for long-term patients.

2000 Private medical facility - Clinic of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecology Zlin.

2009 Reconstruction.

2020 We are proud of what we are part of today.