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20. 1. 2020

Winter magazine launch

Winter magazine launch

On January the 14th 2020, the winter edition of the Be-Best magazine was christened at the modern premises of Velkoprevorsky Mlyn. The enchanting scenery encaptured the ,clattering eight-meter-long, mill wheel spinning in Prague's Certovka.

The winter edition of the Be-Best magazine is unique. One third is devoted to the Bata phenomenon, both in  his mindset and stories about successful entrepreneurs and managers who still follow Bata's ideas today. Four pages are devoted to the founder and director of the Family Clinic of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecology Zlín. The owners,  Dr. Tatana Rumpikova, Ph. D. and Dr. David Rumpík, Ph. D. were guests of honor that evening and participated in the christening of the quarterly edition.