10. 12. 2019

Everyone has the right to have children

My name is Markéta and I would like to share with you my story about donating eggs at the Clinic of Reproductive Medicine in Zlín.

I am the mother of a beautiful three-year-old girl, I became pregnant without any problems and I always took the ability to have a baby for granted until my sister began to have infertility problems. No one can possibly understand how a woman who discovers that she cannot have children must be feeling. Her problems affected our whole family and we all tried to support her on her journey to having the baby she so wanted. It was the main reason for me to start thinking about donating my eggs. I learned about this possibility from my friends. I met with several of them, who had donated eggs several times in succession at the Clinic of Reproductive Medicine in Zlín, and their own experiences convinced me that I could do it too. My friends reassured me that at all of the doctors and nurses are very pleasant and there is nothing to worry about. While I still had this determination, I quickly filled out a simple form on the website, submitted it, and had an amazing feeling from the fact that I was going to do it. That I will be helping. Soon I was contacted by the coordinator for egg donors from the clinic in Zlín and everything was agreed, and I was booked in for my first consultation with a doctor. I knew that given the anonymity of the donation, I could not help my sister directly. However, I felt it was the right way to give someone hope of experiencing the unique feeling of becoming a mother. At the clinic, everyone was really nice. The doctor discussed what lay ahead of me, and the nurses patiently explained the whole process of drug application. I hesitated a little imagining that I would have to inject myself, but I thought, others have done, so I can do it too. And it really was no rocket science. I was not worried at all about donating, as I already knew the clinic environment, and I saw the team of experienced specialists who I gave my full trust. I left with a pleasant feeling that I have helped someone, but also that I was healthy because thanks to donating, I was given a lot of information about my health.