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10. 12. 2019

Extra earnings for studying in Copenhagen

Extra earnings for studying in Copenhagen

At the time, I was a student at the Faculty of Humanities of the Tomas Bata University in Zlín and one of the main reasons was financial motivation. My classmate and I decided to do it together.

At the beginning, I was slightly uncertain and nervous as to whether or not it was a good idea, but when I came to the Clinic of Reproductive Medicine in Zlín and saw how many people were sitting in the waiting room and how many women had infertility problems, I realized that my decision would help create a new life and make a dream come true. The approach of the staff also calmed me down. Nobody forced me into anything, everyone was pleasant, the doctor explained everything to me, then performed an ultrasound examination and took a blood sample. Everyone strived as much as possible so that I could go with my friend to all of the checks together. We visited the clinic four times in total, and we made it pleasant for ourselves. Once we went for lunch to the restaurant in the Hotel Tomášov, which is in the same building. We helped each other on our common journey and exchanged our feelings. This shared experience brought us closer together. Overall, we were taken care of very well. When I did not know what to do with a medication, the nurses were willing to give me advice and explained everything again over the phone. Unlike my friend, I was afraid of the anesthesia, but it really is a brief procedure that is not something to be afraid of. After I donated my eggs, I rested in my room for a while and then went to collect my money, which I invested into my study stay in Copenhagen. Would I donate again? After my previous experience, I know I would. My fears and feelings of insecurity, which I think is natural when you experience something for the first time, were eliminated. At the moment I am on maternity leave, I have my own family and sometimes when I see my son running around, I say to myself that it was worth it. Thanks to me, somebody now has the same joy from their family as I do.

Kamila, 30 years old