15. 2. 2019

MUDr. David Rumpík, Ph.D. on CT 1

CT1 broadcasted a report on Feb. 10th about infertility issues. Last year doctors in the Czech Republic performed 39 thousand IVF cycles, which is the most in the country´s history. The director of IVF clinic in Zlín, Dr. David Rumpik, PhD., mentioned the fact that 25% of all couples in the Czech Republic have problems with conception, and the percentage of those who are infertile is increasing every year. One of the main reasons for infertility is that women postpone pregnancy till later in life.

It is also worth mentioning that the Clinic of Reproductive Medicine in Zlin is one of the most sought after in the Czech Republic by foreign clientele who have problems with conceiving. IVF Zlin is renowned for it´s high quality, high success rate and availability . It is the only clinic in the Czech Republic that provides a comprehensive service including accommodation at Hotel Tomasov all under one roof.