25. 10. 2016

MACS – Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting

New method, how to choose the highest quality perm!

All spermatozoa have limited vitality and they cease to exist through the process called apoptosis. Spermatozoa in which this process already began, ale likely to contain higher number of DNA fragmentation (breaks).

DNA fragmentation can’t, unfortunately, be detected using microscopic methods such as ICSI, PICSI.

In case an oocyte is fertilized by apoptotic spermatozoa, it is most likely, that embryo will be having abnormal development or will stop in its development completely. Such pregnancy usually ends in an early miscarriage.

With MACS method, we are able to label apoptotic spermatozoa which are then passed through the separation column located inside the magnetic field. Apoptotic spermatozoa will be retained inside the preparation column.

Living spermatozoa without a sign of apoptosis, will pass through the column with magnetic field and will be collected for later use.

“Healthy” sperm can be used for various methods of infertility treatment: IVF, ICSI, PICSI.

Embryos created by using these purified spermatozoa have better chance for normal development.

MACS technique is suitable for:

  • Couples diagnosed with unexplained infertility
  • Low sperm quality
  • Low fertilization rate during previous treatments
  • Recurrent abnormalities in embryo development