16. 6. 2016

OCTAX NaviLase dynamic laser used for infertility treatment

We have a new addition to our laboratory equipment. At IVF Zlín we now use the newest type of dynamic laser OCTAX NaviLase. It combines proven safety and innovative laser motion technology and allows a highly precise and efficient provision of any of the major laser-based applications such as assisted hatching, zona Pellucida thinning, better quality of blastomer biopsy (PGD) and trophectoderm biopsy (PGS).

When performing PGD and PGS, several cells are removed from the developing embryo and examined for a possible genetic abnormality of the future fetus. Thanks to these procedures we can select embryos which are not affected by a genetic disorder and these embryos will be transfered into the uterus. This way we can prevent a miscarriage or a chromosomally abnormal pregnancy (e.g.Down Syndrom, Edward’s Syndrom). Our new laser enables our Embryologist to safely and gently remove a cell from a 3 day embryo or a small part of trophectoderm from a 5 day embryo for a genetic testing. Following this procedure we can identify serious genetic abnormalities and help couples with an inheritable condition in their family to avoid passing it on to their children.

 This method always requires an IVF treatment and is recommended to couples who are proven to have a higher risk of passing a serious genetic disorder on to their child.