16. 6. 2016

Tubal patency test

A tubal patency test is an essential part of the initial fertility investigation as tubal obstruction occurs in approximately 12-33% infertile couples.

HyCoSy (Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography) is a simple but advanced ultrasound technique that enables specialists to evaluate uterine cavity and the patency of the tubes in the outpatient environment without using radiation. At our clinic we use ExEm® Foam Kit which uses a high echogenity of a special foam. It consists of ExEm gel – hydroxyethyl cellulose & glycerol and purified water. When mixed together, a foam of micro-air bubbles is formed.

The set contains 2 types of catheters, each type is specifically designed for either nulliparas (women who have never given birth) or women who have given birth already. The foam is applied via the suitable catheter into the uterine cavity and with the help of transvaginal ultrasound probe we can visualize the uterine cavity and the patency of the tubes.

The major advantage of this method is that it is more comfortable and less painful compared to a usual hysterosalpingography, no ionizing radiation and no iodinated contrast dye is used. When compared to other HyCoSy procedures, using ExEm® Foam provides a better contrast and visibility due to the micro-air bubbles remaining for the minimum of 5 minutes.