1. 9. 2014

REPROMAN: Natural food supplement for men

REPROMAN® developed by specialists in the area of reproduction medicine based on their knowledge and experience and international renowned studies.


  • improves the quality of spermincreases
  • the amount of spermenriches
  • the quality of sexual life


Individual components of the product were carefully chosen. REPROMAN® contains optimal substances with verifiable beneficial effect on production of male sex cells, induction of sperm production and increase of its quality in all the parameters (progressive and general movability, sperm cells count, volume, morphology). Chosen ingredients of the product can improve the quality of sexual life as they have a beneficial effect on sexual activity and potency. To reach the required effect, specialists recommend using the product at least 3 months, ideally to the pregnancy of the partner.


Main ingredients of the product:

TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS – Tribulus has always been used. It was known to old inhabitants of Mesopotamia, China, India, Japan. It contains high amount of steroid saponins, plant sterols, flavonoids and alcaloids. They increase the luteinisation hormone (LH) level. The main function of LH in men is the stimulation of testosterone concentration (up to 30 %). Testosterone supports spermatogenesis (male sex cells [sperm cells] production). Higher testosterone level means also higher muscles development, improvement of regeneration and muscle stamina. It helps balance the optimal ratio of muscle and fat tissue. It increases potency and libido, i.e. desire to have sex. It supports energy production, regeneration, muscle stamina and immune functions of the organism.

MACA (Lepidum meyenii) – increases resistance against fatigue, improves mental concentration, increases psychological immunity and supports sexual desire in men. Sperm production increase and sperm cells motility increase were described.
ZINC - it is one of antioxidants protecting cells against free radicals. It is important for maintaining normal concentration of vitamin A in blood and in genetic information reading. It is essential for good sight, it influences fertility and reproduction and helps maintain correct level of testosterone in blood (testosterone – hormone important for maturation of male sex cells). It influences sugar, proteins, hormones and vitamins metabolism.
SELENIUM – supports immunity system function and it is important for thyroid gland hormones transformation. In men, relation between selenium in sperm and sperm cells concentration, sperm cells count, motility and viability was described. It protects body cells and tissues against damage incurred by free radicals from polluted environment, smoking or irradiation.
FOLIC ACID – it is irreplaceable in the organism in production of nucleic acids that keep information for normal course of all the life processes. It is necessary for proteins metabolism, for red blood cells production and mitosis.
VITAMIN E - it is an antioxidant.
VITAMIN B5 (pantothenic acid) – it has many irreplaceable functions in human body. It is beneficial for fertility increase; it supports mental activity and has a significant effect in fatigue and exhaustion.
VITAMIN B5 - it is essential for cells replacement and for red blood cells production. It maintains protection covers of nerves (myelin), it takes part in transformation of nutrients to energy and has a fundamental role in DNA and RNA formation (genetic material in cells).
GINGKO (Gingko biloba) - leaf extract has been used to protect health for centuries. Active substances in this plant improve blood circulation in all the vessels in human body leading to better supply of oxygen and nutrients for all the organism parts.