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Dolls auction for UNICEF

Andulka in Moravian folk costume will help children.

A thriling auction was held at the Congress Centre in Zlín on Monday, 27th of May as part of 53 International Film Festival for Children and Youth. Ten bidders was competing for 5 dolls produced by famous Czech personalities such as Jan Hřebejk, Markéta Hrubešová, Jiřina Jirásková, Patrik Eliáš, Heidi Janků. Starting price for each doll was 3 000 CZK. Profit from the auction was dedicated to UNICEF for their vaccination programmes support, which saves more than three million youngest children from death of the childhood diseases (measles, diphtheria, whooping cough, tuberculosis, tetanus and polio). Zlín auction has collected 34 000 CZK and these money will help the children of the poorest countries.

Clinic of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecology Zlín had also contributed to this help. After a long struggle, we managed to auction a rare doll off that was made ​​by famous Czech director Jan Hřebejk for 7 000 CZK.

How does UNICEF help? It is the world's leading organization that provides protection and improving the living conditions to children and promoting their overall development. UNICEF collaborates with local communities and governments in 157 countries around the globe and provides immediate humanitarian assistance and long-term development in the areas of health, education and child protection to those who are in need. As UNICEF operates worldwide it enables to use broadly the knowledge and experience of hepling children, while the permanent presence of UNICEF in place means that they are ready to interfere immediately in case of need (85% UNICEF staff working in the areas where aid is directed to).