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About The Clinic

The Motto: "Our life is the only subject in this world that we cannot consider to be our private property because we have not contributed to its creation in any way. It has only been conferred upon us with the duty to return it extended and improved to our offspring."

Tomáš Baťa

About The Clinic

For over 15 years The Clinic of Reproductive medicine and Gynecology Zlin offers comprehensive services in the fields of assisted reproduction, gynecology, andrology and embryology. Thanks to a wide range of used methods, long-term experiences and top team of IVF specialists we can help to become parents even to couples whose situation could seem hopeless.

The main area of activity of The Clinic involves thorough examination and treatment of infertile couples. The clinic performs all techniques and procedures of assisted reproduction available in top European centers (IVF, ET, ICSI, PICSI, PGD, IVF with donated eggs and sperm, MESA/TESE, cryopreservation of eggs, sperm and embryos).

In the Clinic’s laboratory are working embryologists, who are following the latest findings in the area of reproductive medicine. Next to a treatment of infertility the lab also provides cryopreservation of gamets and embryos in cases where there is a permanent fertility loss or fertility disorder.

The operating theatre is equipped for all procedures of assisted reproduction as well as with modern devices for hysteroscopy. Important part is also the anesthesiology team specialized in outpatient anesthesia which is for our clients very safe and comfortable.

A part of the facility are also gynecology outpatients surgeries providing integrated gynecology care and prevention for women of any age.