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IVF with minimum stimulation

Ovarian minimum stimulation is for women who do not wish to undergo an IVF with the usual stimulation. In this case the tablet of Clomiphen citrate (Clostilbegyt) is used for stimulation in combination with low dose injections which are used for classic IVF stimulation. The fertilization of eggs is done by using the ICSI or PICSI method. The probability of conception is lower than in classic IVF but risk of OHS is lower, and is financially less demanding.

In practice is the minimum stimulation used in those cases:

  1. Previous stimulation was complicated by ovarian hyperstimulating syndrome.
  2. A woman is afraid of higher dose hormonal stimulation.
  3. For women with polycystic ovary (PCO).
  4. Repeatedly failed infertility treatment using IVF.
  5. Where it is necessary to lower the cost.