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This is a laboratory technique (improved ICSI) which enables us to pick and transfer only single one mature sperm in to the oocyte. This increases the success rate of the infertility treatment. Naturally only matured sperm able to specifically connect to so called oocyte’s complex (hyaluronan) are able to fertilize the egg. In mature sperm was demonstrated much lower appearance of chromosomal aberrations than in immature one.

When using only the simple ICSI method the sperm is picked by its morphology and motility. This does not guarantee the sperm with optimal genetic pack will be chosen. PICSI method combines the benefits of ICSI (high probability of fertilization) with the possibility to pick the mature sperm based on its ability to connect with the hyaluronan hydrogel. PICSI is imitating the connection of the mature sperm to the oocyte’s complex which is very important for the selection of suitable sperm during the natural fertilization. This technique is possible to use only under the condition that there is enough sperm with good motility in the ejaculate.