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Intra-follicle insemination (IFI)

Intra-follicle insemination (IFI) with the sperm of partner play an important part in the treatment of infertile couples. This is one of assisted reproduction methods and is similar to IUI. The ovulation is hormonally stimulated and IFI is timed for ovulation day.

By hormonal medication we stimulate 2-5 eggs to mature. Medications used for IFI are usually pills of Clomiphen citrate or injections of gonadotropine. Monitoring of the treatment is done by measuring follicles and by adjusting the dose of medication. The ultrasound measuring of follicles usually starts on day 9 of the cycle. Once the follicle reaches the size needed a HCG shot is given, this starts the ovulation. IFI is then performed 36 hours since the shot.

On the day of ovulation the partner provides a sperm sample about one hour earlier. This is prepared for insemination. Fresh sperm is liquidized and concentrated. Sperm must be processed in the lab to minimize the risk of allergic reaction (anaphylactic).

After that sperm is injected by special catheter with a needle straight in to follicles in ovaries. This is done under Ultrasound control. Maximum number of inseminated follicles is 4.

This procedure is done under GA. The client is coming starved with signed consent form. After the procedure she remains in bed for 2 hours.

In the term of missed period the Pregnancy test is performed and in case of its positivity an ultrasound is provided in 1 week time to confirm the pregnancy is within uterus cavity.

In case of a fail the IFI can be repeated.