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Intrauterinal insemination (IUI)

This is the most simple method of assisted reproduction. Sperms are cleared and concentrated by using a method SWIM UP. After that they are inserted in to the uterus via a special catheter in the time of ovulation. This procedure is relatively simple and pain free. It is done as a out patients procedure without anesthesia. This type of treatment is used in cases where is a border line sperm count. The success rate of IUI after stimulation is about 10-15% per cycle.

Who is this method for

IUI is usually offered to couples have been unsuccessfully trying to conceive for one year and where is no quite clear the reason of infertility yet. Before the IUI itself you should go through thorough testing for infertility causes.

The IUI method is based on natural ability of the sperm to fertilize the egg within the genital tract of a woman. Studies show that this method is inefficient if the sperm concentration is low or the morphology is not right.

Women with ovulation disorder can be treated by this method if their reaction to stimulation is good. In those cases ovulation is stimulated by hormones and IUI is timed for ovulation period. Hormonal stimulation is usually used even for women without ovulation disorder.

Women with endometriosis can use this method if there are not any abdominal organs deformities. To women with fallopian tubes occlusion this method will not help.

In cases where it is not possible to use partners sperm, artificial insemination with donors sperm is possible (AID). Sperm of anonymous tested donor is used. Our clinic is governed by laws and regulations of Czech Republic. In accordance to this law a use of a fresh donors sperm for insemination is not possible. All samples must be frozen and stored for at least 6 months and the donor must be repeatedly tested for infectious diseases. Before the sample of a sperm is offered for use both results must be negative. One in time of donation and one 6 months later.

The benefits of this method

The success rate of this method is 10%-15% pre cycle (depending on ladies age). A couple can undergo few IUI cycles. If the conception does not occur, the doctor advices a more effective method – IVF.

The advantage of the IUI method is that it does not require a egg retrieval and general anesthesia.

The procedure

  1. 2-3 eggs are stimulated to mature by using a hormonal medication. Usually the Clomiphene citrate pills are used or Gonadotropin injections.
  2. Monitoring of the treatment is done by measuring follicles and adjusting of the dose of hormonal medication. The aim of IUI is stimulate 1-3 follicles to maturation.
  3. Once the follicles reach required size, the HCG shot is given to start the ovulation.
  4. On the day of ovulation the partner contributes with the sperm which is then prepared for insemination. The fresh sperm is liquidized washed and concentrated. Doctor inserts the sperm inside the uterine cavity by using a soft catheter. The whole process is pain free.