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News (archive)

IVF Clinic Zlin, Czech Republic is about to celebrate birthday of the 3000's child born by means of ART provided by our Clinic.

IVF Zlin Czech Republic will soon have a celebration. Clinic has been operating since the year 2001, which is not the reason, however ...

Clinic Zlin awarded Patients' Choice 2013 by treatmentabroad.com

Patients’ Choice recognises those hospitals and clinics that deliver excellent customer care and a great patient experience.

Dolls auction for UNICEF

Andulka in Moravian folk costume will help children.

Our Clinic tops the list of Assisted Reproduction centres as published by Medical Tourism Reviews

At the end of October our clinic was ranked among the best of its kind as voted by international patients on the medical tourism website.

AMH - a new look into ovarian age

For women who are postponing their motherhood to later in their lives or to those who would like to find out more about their fertility, we now offer the AMH blood test (Anti-Mullerian Hormon).


Our IVF laboratories have successfully introduced the PICSI method – a new laboratory technique which is an improved modification of micromanipulation ICSI fertilization.

Oocyte cryo-conservation

As one of the first centres in the country our Clinic has introduced the vitrification of oocytes (fast freezing of eggs) into clinical praxis.

Hotel Tomasov Opened

From 1.2.2012 we are offering accommodation not only to our clients in the newly opened 4 star Hotel Tomasov, which is in the complex of the Clinic itself. There are 16 double bedrooms available.