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MACS – Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting

New method, how to choose the highest quality perm!

All spermatozoa have limited vitality and they cease to exist through the process called apoptosis. Spermatozoa in which this process already began, ale likely to contain...

The happy ending story of a woman who couldn’t have children and now has twins

Not everybody knows how deep the suffering of the infertile women is, since they cannot have children naturally. Many of them fall into depression and need psychological conciliation to overcome this difficult period. As...

Medical tourism is becoming very popular. Zlín region has an increasing number of visitors from other countries.

Foreign visitors heading to Zlín region have options to undergo various medical treatments, after-care or just simply relax and recuperate in one of the five spa resorts. The idea has a potential as the local doctors are...


ERA is a state-of-the-art diagnostic method. This technique enables the evaluation, from a molecular point of view, of the status of endometrial receptivity.

OCTAX NaviLase dynamic laser used for infertility treatment

We have a new addition to our laboratory equipment. At IVF Zlín we now use the newest type of dynamic laser OCTAX NaviLase. It combines proven safety and innovative laser motion technology and allows a highly precise and...

Tubal patency test

A tubal patency test is an essential part of the initial fertility investigation as tubal obstruction occurs in approximately 12-33% infertile couples.

Success attracts

Around 30,800 IVF (in vitro fertilization) procedures – monitored cycles of fertilization outside of the body – are performed each year in the Czech Republic. A certain percentage of these procedures at the country’s...

Diploma for the second place in the category "The best banner" for IVF Zlín.

IVF Zlín has been awarded a Diploma at Symposium in Brno

We are delighted to announce that IVF Zlin has been awarded a Diploma for the second best banner.

REPROMAN: Natural food supplement for men

REPROMAN® developed by specialists in the area of reproduction medicine based on their knowledge and experience and international renowned studies.

Embryoscope: Time-lapse embryo monitoring system

What is the best way to take care of your embryos whilst they are awaiting embryo transfer? Our clinic offers a modern method of embryo cultivation using innovative device called Embryoscope.