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If you wish to ask any questions or consult your case, please fill in the form below and send it just by clicking ,,send” An allocated member of staff (a doctor, embryologist, nurse or administrator) will answer as soon as possible. Your query will remain strictly confidential.

If you do not receive the answer within 3 working days, we have probably not receive it and could not answer it or you gave us a wrong email address and therefore we were unable to send the answer. In this case you can contact us by phone +420 577 005 911, or try to resend your question again.






Q: Hello, I would like to ask if there is any age limit for IVF treatment at your Clinic?

A: yes, there is a limit. In accordance with Czech Law we are only able to treat clients up to 48 (+ 364 days) years of age.

Q: Hello, We would like to come to your clinic for IVF treatment. We will probably fly to Prague. How do we get to you from the airport?

 A: Hello, if you stay at our 4 star Hotel Tomasov, which is very conveniently located under the same roof as the Clinic, we are happy to provide the transfer from the airport as well as your return transfer. Alternatively, there are very frequent train connections between Prague and Zlin.

Q: Hi, how long are your waiting times for the Egg donation treatment?

A: There is no waiting time for this treatment at the moment. All the necessary preparations usually take about 8-9 weeks, so your embryo-transfer could be as soon as this period of time from your initial contact with us.