The aim of assisted reproduction is not to manipulate nature but to optimize couple’s natural ability to conceive with a doctor’s assistance.

Prof. MUDr. Ladislav Pilka, DrSc.

By way of introduction

Welcome to The Clinic of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecology Zlin. Since 2001 The Clinic distinguish itself as a private Medical facility which offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive care in the field of gynecology as well as infertility treatment. We are using all techniques of assisted reproduction available.

In a pleasant and personal environment we will provide you with medical care of a very high standard whilst using the latest scientific findings, treatment methods and high-tech equipment.

We will be happy to become your guide on the journey towards your desired child. You will be cared for by a specialist team who will help you to overcome initial discomfort, apprehension and insecurity with their holistic and discrete approach. A maximum effort will be expended for the success of your treatment.

MUDr. David Rumpik, Director


Success attracts

Around 30,800 IVF (in vitro fertilization) procedures – monitored cycles of fertilization outside of the body – are performed each year in the Czech Republic. A certain percentage of these procedures at the country’s...

Diploma for the second place in the category "The best banner" for IVF Zlín.

IVF Zlín has been awarded a Diploma at Symposium in Brno

We are delighted to announce that IVF Zlin has been awarded a Diploma for the second best banner.

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